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Eddie Vedder’s “Imagine That — I’m Still Anti-War”

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  1. Pendulum
  2. Wash
  3. Nothingman
  4. Black (Did we belong together tag)
  5. Go
  6. Brain of J.
  8. Help Help
  9. Hail Hail
  10. Mind your manners
  11. Do The Evolution
  12. Got some
  13. Lightning Bolt 
  14. Nothing as It Seems 
  15. Given to Fly 
  16. Sirens
  17. Corduroy
  18. Even Flow
  19. Let the records play
  20. Spin the black cercle
  21. RVM - Encore 1
  22. Yellow Moon
  23. Footsteps
  24. Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thrones
  26. Better Man
  27. Save it for later
  28. Jeremy
  29. Lukin
  30. Porch - Encore 2
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How did we get here?

How did we get to this very moment in time… to right now? When you try to comprehen every single moment of history, from the monumental, glorious, to the seemingly inconsequential, pointless, that have combined to lead us all to right now, to July 11th 2014. When you try to tro wrap your mind around that, it can really bake your noodle.
I imagine every time the band takes the stage, looks out at the crowds of people who gather all across the globe to celebrate and participate in their music, that there have to be numeros surreal moments where they are comfronted with that dauting question… “How did we get here?”
However, I have to imagine that when the band plays Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns, that moment of being comfronted with the reflection of all the events of the past that have built today is amplified exponentially. At times must be overwhelming to contemplate.
I want you to think of all the moments in your life that have brought you to right now. Every moment, every person you’ve met, every big or small choice you’ve ever made, every achievement, every failure. From the moment you were born to right now. Now I want you to think of every moment that had to have transpired in order for you to be born in the first place. Think of all the events that were necessary in the lives of your parents to have brought them together to make you. Now look around at the thousands upon thousands of other people there at the show with you tonight. Try. Think of all the moments that have had to have transpired in their lives to also bring them to the exact place where you are… To right now, to Milton Keynes, July 11th 2014.
Whether you realize it or not, you are exactly where you are supposed to be… Here… Right now.
It’s pretty fucking amazing whe you stop and think about it… “So I’m singin’…”

From the back of the “Crown of Thorns” poster for Pearl Jam’s show tonight at the Milton Keynes Bowl, UK, by Blad Klausen. (via dust-cake-boy)
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So do you think Pearl Jam have a tambourine budget? 

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Mmm-mmm, I thought Push Me, Pull Me was a treat from PJ today in Leeds but they’re playing Don’t Gimme No Lip and I was proven wrong.

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Let me just your divert your attention to this.

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Watch Pearl Jam play 1999’s "Strangest Tribe" live for the first time ever, earlier today in Oslo, Norway. 

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